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  1. This photo just won second place in a contest. See below:

    From Fred Leavitt:
    To all of you who submitted artwork to the Flash Fiction Contest: First and foremost, THANK YOU – for your time, your interest, and your support of HCA writers. Your entries were astounding and selection was no easy task for us. We know there is a great deal of expertise in each of them. Our main focus though, was to identify one that would lend itself to being a springboard for writing a story (with characters).

    First place image selected is a photograph by Travis Garcia titled Ocean Song.

    Second place went to a Mike Pirkkala for a photograph titled Michael Playing Guitar on Grandma’s Porch

    Third place position went to Phyllis Behrens for a painting of Woman With Red Necklace

    We plan to have more contests such as this in the future and we hope you will submit more of your artwork then.

    Once again, our sincere thanks!

    Millie, Art and Larry
    HCA Flash Fiction, Contest Judges

  2. This is wonderful…I have two grown sons but adored this age…..tugs at my heartstrings to see this darling boy…knowing he has lost his mother to cancer…and my grown boys lost their beloved dad to cancer….Mike, your son seems to be doing great….it takes a village, that’s for sure.
    Good luck Mike…seems you are doing a wonderful job and continue to have fun and embrace your son in all that you do. He is very blessed to have you. Keep on keeping on….keep the faith….and you will all be united again one day….I do hope that is the Truth…I so want to believe it with all my heart.

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